First Statement
Second Statement
Anxiety of Influence, a one act
After Sherrie Levine, a one act

Statements and One Act plays

A lot of conceptual art is an inside joke, and a lot of these jokes are one-liners. This site (like Sherrie Levine's work itself) is no different. Conceptual art positions itself within cultural theory and art history in order to "make a point" yet this point is often esoteric, inaccessible, and without real philosophical depth. In part, is this one-liner art prank, yet in part it attempts to negotiate this esotericism with the possibility of a wider audience afforded by the net. Insisting that the object itself is printable by anyone takes one step towards access in a physical sense. Some of the texts in this section attempt to allow access conceptually. In a sense, what follows is the punchline. You may or may not want to read the next paragraph before reading the texts themselves.

* * *

It helps to know that the first statement is Sherrie Levine's statement she assembled from 1981 to 1985 (often out of other texts.) The second one is a rough explanation of why I have made this site -- why is a funny joke, and still 'good' art in the structure of art history and theory. The third is Sherrie Levine's bio lifted off of the Grove Encyclopedia of Art. The last two are One Act plays I have composed based exactly on interviews Sherrie Levine gave in 1985 and 1991. Though I want to play the role of Sherrie Levine at least once, there is no reason that someone else couldn't play her. Sherrie Levine herself could play the role of Sherrie Levine in the play, performing her own identity of ten or fifteen years before.